Saturday, November 13, 2021


Chavez, RUSSIAN TZAR PUTIN and Savimbi on 11-12-21--Windhoek copy

Same. Man selling these is a 62-year-old Serb. Escaping the civil war in Yugoslavia, he came to Africa in 1991, and has been here ever since. Having also spent time in Angola, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa, he thinks Namibia is best. Before 1991, he also traveled and was in Thailand for a year.

The "RUSSIAN TZAR PUTIN" is not meant mockingly, as it would in, say, Ukraine. He loves Putin and so do Namibians, he claims.

Regarding Covid, he definitely opposes the "vaccines." A local Chinese gave him some herbal medicine to take should he get sick. As if to prove the efficacy of this, he told me no Chinese in Windhoek had died of Covid.

He thinks Covid travel restrictions have gravely hurt international commerce, "People need to travel to do business."

When I asked him if he missed Serbia, he said no. Making a hugging gesture, he said, "I'm not," to mean he's no clinger. He hasn't been to Serbia in 15 or 20 years, he can't even remember.


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